Maestro Sol (bucket)

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Deep frying Maestro Sol oil designed to deep frying is a solution for the most demanding professionals. The product is made only from the best vegetable oils. It contains no hydrogenated fats, allergens, trans-isomers of fatty acids, and no preservatives. It provides nonsaturated fatty acids in the relevant rate.

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It does not affect the final products’ flavour. Liquid form speeds up significantly the frying process. It pays off and during proper frying it is resistant to unfavourable changes which appear in most fats due to high temperatures. The oil is designed for products requiring deep frying.

  • High smoke point – above 235 °C.
  • High resistance to changes in fats during high temperature frying.
  • Utilization period is prolonged by 40 % in comparison with palm deep frying fats.
  • Neutral flavour and aroma ensure fried meals’ natural character and aroma.
  • Liquid form speeds up the warming and makes the deep frying easier.
  • Fried products absorb low amount of fat


Extracting oil from palms is rather controversial due to the close connection with illegal felling of virgin rain forests that enables growing oil palms plantations. We are a leader on the oil and plant fat market and therefore we feel responsible for sustainable agricultural development. We cooperate with palm oil suppliers from plantations which do not contribute to devastation of natural ecosystems and also do not negatively influence people from the surrounding area. We support the certification product concept called The Roundtable on Sustainable Palma Oil (RSPO). We deliver products containing palm oil within the Mass Balance system as well as the Segregate system.