Top Q (5 L)

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Rape seed oil is designed to produce confectionery and bakery products, especially for baking fat wafer products, pastry from yeast dough, bakery and confectionery mixtures.

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Top Q (5 L)





TOP Q rapeseed oil – proven quality, now V-Label certified! V-label is the most widely recognised symbol for labelling vegan and vegetarian products. This certificate guarantees that the product and its packaging are completely free of animal-based ingredients. This means that Top Q is compliant with the highest standards and may be safely used in every kitchen! For frying, cooking, and baking. It works well with both meat-based and vegan dishes. For universal use in hot and cold dishes.


  • The oil maintains its properties longer thanks to the composition of its fatty acids.
  • A high smoke point of above 240°C ensures that it is usable in a wide temperature range.
  • It supports the functioning of the whole body by being the source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as A,D,E and K vitamins.


  • Neutral flavour and aroma.
  • High working comfort.
  • Enables frying of a greater quantities of dishes.

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