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Maestra Delicate with a butter extract Puff Pastry MB

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Margarine for laminated doughs provides the products with a buttery flavour and aroma as well as with an excellent dough lamination result.

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It is rich in beta carotene which ensures the typical unique colour. It contains no cured fats, preservatives or artificial aromas, but it enriches the products with natural buttery aroma and flavour. Excellent texture prevents the dough cracking during the preparation.
  • Buttery flavour and aroma of products.
  • Proper flattening and winding without braking and cracking of the dough layers.
  • Wonderful dough lamination effect.
  • Appropriate rising and shape of products after baking.
  • Excellent for mechanical and manual preparation.
  Maestra Delicate with a butter extract Puff Pastry MBMASS BALANCE Extracting oil from palms is rather controversial due to the close connection with illegal felling of virgin rain forests that enables growing oil palms plantations. We are a leader on the oil and plant fat market and therefore we feel responsible for sustainable agricultural development. We cooperate with palm oil suppliers from plantations which do not contribute to devastation of natural ecosystems and also do not negatively influence people from the surrounding area. We support the certification product concept called The Roundtable on Sustainable Palma Oil (RSPO). We deliver products containing palm oil within the Mass Balance system as well as the Segregate system.

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Without Hydrogenated Fats

RSPO Certificate

Without Preservatives or Artificial Aromas

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Clean Label Product

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With Added Butter

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